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my story

I grew up on the island of Aegina, Greece, then I lived in Volos, Greece for 10 years, where I graduated in 2020 from the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly. After a short stop in Athens, I am now ready to hop on my next academic adventure, studying landscape architecture at AHO, Oslo.


Creativity has a very important place in my life, while I've explored DJ'ing, article writing, and radio production. But my one(?!) and forever love will always remain in design, photography, music, and writing! My life goes along with volunteering, where I participated in the organization of European Music Day in Volos for three years, while I've started volunteering as the chapter leader and event coordinator at Ladies, Wine & Design Athens, where we help women and non-binary creatives release their creativity and inner power.


Last but not least, I love traveling, reading books, being around nature, singing and listening to music, and my cats, while I always try to find ways to get motivated even during hard times.

As an architect, I aim to do my best in order to do some architecture based on human needs and the environment. My main interests are urban and environmental design, as I believe in their coexistence as to have the minimum energy footprint through green spaces. Meanwhile, I believe in the dynamics that an internal space gets to provide to the mentality of its user and to its orderly daily life, seeking the coexistence of various senses and architectural sectors via materials, biophilia, etc.

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